The easiest way to update Named

By | July 26, 2013

While our Directadmin server is running without problems, there suddenly appears to be a bug in our Named / Bind software. CentOS released an emergency update to fix this bug.
In this post I’m going to update a server with this patch to fix the bug.

More information about the bug can be found at:

When you are running CentOS 5.x or 6.x it is very easy to update Bind. This will not affect your Directadmin installation in any way.

Check if the bind rpm is installed:

rpm -qv bind

Check if the version is the same:

named -v

If it is (which is in most cases) you can safely use yum to update the package: (If not, you have to check if it is a source compile, this will not be covered in this tutorial because this isn’t common at Directadmin installations):

yum clean all
yum update bind

If it returns no errors, check again to see it’s version:

named -v

That’s all! Pretty easy update, isn’t it? If you got any questions, you can ask them by leaving a comment!

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